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Web Tools

  • General Tools
    • Sometimes it's hard to think up hard to crack passwords. We have the same problem, especially since we have unique passwords on every website and project we work on! To make the task of generating difficult passwords easy, we created this simple JavaScript tool to make our own passwords quickly. Just set the minimum and maximum lengths for the password, and it'll generate it using only alpha-numeric characters unless you specify otherwise.


      This password is generated purely in JavaScript and is never sent anywhere at all! This script is for convenience purposes only. We at MeMSO use this exact web page to generate our own passwords.

    • It is often difficult to tell what your external IP address is. This simple script tells you what IP address our system is reporting your system as using.

    • This is the color selector used in MeMSO's administrations. It mimics the Windows color selector, and works the same way. With this you can choose any color your computer is capable of displaying, with RGB (Red, Green, Blue), HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminosity), or by clicking on the palette and brightness.


      A lot of people have made similar scripts, but they're always very limiting. Some only have a select few colors, others you have to mix colors together. This one gives you the complete range of RGB color!

    • A lot of the time, when generating new content pages, you just don't have any real content to put into it yet. This handy script creates a bunch of pseudo text for you to place into your pages known as "Greek Text". This is just a very simple version of the more complicated Ipsum text, but it's very fast and that's what we wanted. Besides, it's not like anybody's going to read your "Greek Text" to make sure it's a specific version.


      Simply choose the approximate amount of text to generate and it does the rest.

    • A lot of the time, a website will have an image, Flash animation, script, or other file you may want to download, but there isn't a direct way to do this in all cases. Or, a website may prevent you from choosing "View Source" in your browser.


      However, you can download these easily using this simple tool. Simply enter in the URL you want into the input box, click the "Grab It!" button, right click (or touch and hold) on the link, choose "Save Target As..." or "Save As", and you have the file.

  • String Conversion Tools
    • A lot of the time it may seem quite time consuming to try and convert a document from text to HTML, especially if you want the indentations and spacing to be similar in the final result. This simple script makes the conversion process a snap!


      This tool can also convert from HTML to straight text. Handy when you just want the text from a complex block of HTML content.

    • Often, special query data needs to be sent to a URL. But to support this, the data needs to be encoded for the URL (for example, spaces become + or %20). This simple tool makes it very easy to encode/decode any string quickly!


      Sometimes you will also find URL encoded gobley-gook on some pages, or even as a poor-man's way of protecting JavaScript. Guess what? This fixes those too, in no time!

    • Simply converts strings using various hash algorithm, such as CRC-32, MD5, and various types of SHA.

    • Create clean, easy to modify HTML, and convert it to a string with this easy to use converter. Ready for use in ASP/ASPX, PHP and JavaScript.

    • Allows translating unicode values to UTF-8 hex code and vice versa.

  • MeMSO Platform Tools